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Transition pathways to decouple the plastic system from fossil feedstock to achieve a circular biobased economy 2023-2027

This project will systematically research the possibilities for a new future plastic system that is based on renewable feedstock, keeps the objects and materials in the loop as much as that is sustainable and in which the plastic objects that do leak are biodegradable in the natural environment.

Therefore, this project will study and identify combinations of new to be developed polymers and looping strategies that ideally would result in minimal negative environmental impacts for the future plastic system of 2050.

The project consists of four work packages:

  • WP1 Investigating the circular biobased plastic landscape in 2050.
  • WP2 Mathematical MFA-based model of the flow of plastic objects through the Dutch society.
  • WP3 Scenarios of a circular biobased plastics system with minimal adverse impacts to the natural environment.
  • WP4 Potential transition pathways to the circular biobased plastic system.

The work is done by a PhD candidate, supported by several  postdoctoral researchers.

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